**KIUC March 22, 2018 Energy Conference, Lexington, KY** –  Preventing a March Toward Madness: The Future of Energy Policy in Kentucky.”  Need a quick primer on Kentucky’s current energy policy and where that policy may be headed in the coming years?  This conference will attempt to provide just that. With an array of leading energy experts on hand, we will explore a broad range of today’s most pressing topics, including the operation of regional transmission organizations, cybersecurity, the future of coal, and grid modernization.  These are matters which can and probably will affect your company, its operations and your bottom line.  You can’t afford to fall behind.  Join us, listen and learn.  Brochure/Registration Form


Sec. Charles G. Snavely, Kentucky Energy Department,  Energy State Policy
Talina Mathews, Executive Director KPSC, Utility Ratemaking Process at the KY PSC
Mark Brooks, LG&E/KU, Cyber Security of the Grid: Challenges, Trends and Industry Response
Dan Grieshop, NiSource, Natural Gas Market Outlook
John Hughes, President/CEO, ELCON, Energy & Environmental Policies Under Trump
Mike L. Kurtz, Esq., Boehm, Kurtz & Lowry, Fed. Corporate Income Tax on KY Utility Rates
Jeff Klocke, Toyota Motor, Tapping the Waste of KY to Meet the CO2 Challenge\


Michael L. Kurtz, Esq., Boehm, Kurtz & Lowry, Kentucky Compliance Considerations
James W. Beck, Jr, Petroleum Economist, Marathon, Natural Gas Market Perspectives,
John P. Hughes, President/CEO, ELCON, Update Fed. issues Affecting Lg. Energy Consumer
Sean Alteri, Director of Division of Air Quality, The Cabinet’s Commonsense Approach
John N. Voyles, Jr., VP, Transmission/Generation, LG&E & KU Energy, Utility Perspective

kiuc-events-title2015Clean Power Plan Concerns from the Utility Perspective – Voyles, John – (LGE-KU)
Clean Power Plan – How it Affects Industry in KY – Bennett, Charles – (Marathon)
Clean Power Plan The Cabinets Prospective – Lyons, John – (Kentucky Energy Cabinet)
Clean Power Plan Opportunities for KY – Fisk, Shannon – (Earthjustice)
Update on Federal Issues – Anderson, John – (ELCON)
Natural Gas Market Prospective – Beck, James (Marathon)