About KIUC

Kentucky Industrial Utilities Customers (KIUC) is an association of major energy consuming companies who have joined together to solve problems related to the supply of electric power and natural gas to industrial facilities located in the state of Kentucky. Our common characteristic is that the supply of electric power and natural gas is essential to our manufacturing capabilities and the cost of this energy is an important element in our production cost and therefore has a direct impact on our competitiveness in the marketplace.

KIUC Purpose

To represent the industrial viewpoint on energy and utility issues before all appropriate governmental bodies and other pertinent organizations which affect those issues in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

KIUC is:

  • The only representative of industrial utility customers before the Kentucky Public Service Commission, the Kentucky legislature, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the courts and the public.
  • A successful organization that has effectively argued for legislative, regulatory and court decisions which have saved its members millions of dollars.
  • A resource and focal point for identifying problems and finding solutions.
  • A cost effective investment that enables companies to participate in issues and cases which a single company could not afford on its own.

KIUC Does: 

  • KIUC is a persistent and active voice at the Kentucky Public Service Commission which controls the cost of electric power, utility marketed natural gas and the transportation rates for natural gas.
  • KIUC represents members’ interests when necessary in front of the State Legislature advocating equitable legislation.
  • KIUC through ad hoc groups initiates and participates in court cases affecting utility costs of electric power and natural gas. KIUC communicates the views of its members to government, regulatory commissions and the public.

KIUC Stands For:

  • Utility rates to all customer classes based on cost of service principles.
  • Utility companies should have the opportunity to earn a fair rate of return.
  • Utility rates should reflect efficient operations.
  • State regulatory processes must be responsible and timely.
  • Administrative, legislative and regulatory bodies should actively pursue utility rate policies that preserve the existing industrial and economic base and related employment, and promote further economic growth in Kentucky.